Here's your brief carpet buying guide

We understand that purchasing a brand new floor covering can seem daunting, with extensive options, benefits, and characteristics in each flooring line. However, if carpeting is your flooring of choice, we have some advice that may help simplify the shopping process, so read along with us in today’s post.

How to buy the perfect carpet

It’s important to remember that looks aren’t everything, and there are many more facts involved in your flooring of choice than just the appearance. Here are some things to remember as you shop.

1. Be sure to consider your fiber type vs. your in-house traffic levels. If your home is bustling, you'll want a more durable fiber, such as polyester or nylon.
2. Once you have established a hard-wearing fiber, if necessary, then you can move on to the perfect visual. Again, there are plenty to choose from in this line, including solids, patterns, designs, and textures that affect the final appearance.
3. Add-ins can make your flooring experience even better, so be sure to ask about features such as built-in stain protection and hypoallergenic fibers.
4. Make sure you choose a professional installation for this flooring, and never skip the underpadding.
These steps are crucial for a superb carpeting experience, so contact us when you’re ready to begin.

Our carpet store offers everything you need

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